Secondary Cancer Symptoms

There are two categories of cancer.  The first one is referred to as primary cancer where the malignant cells began occur in a particular or specific area or part.  The other category of cancer refers to secondary cancer where the cancer cells initiate from a previously affected or a primary cancer.

The secondary cancer symptoms are dependent on the place affected.  The symptoms that come with it are identical with the symptoms of cancer as if it was diagnosed primary.

For example, the primary cancer diagnosed to the patient is breast cancer.  As breast cancer advances, there is a tendency for it to spread.  The average places where the cancerous cells can transfer to are the lungs and the brain.  In the event that the cancer cells have spread to these surrounding parts, the patient can then feel the symptoms of the secondary cancer as if it was primary.  Lung cancer can manifest by having shortness of breath and pain in the chest region while brain cancer can be observed with headaches and numbness in certain body parts.

There are various secondary cancer symptoms that must be observed.  More types of cancer grow with little or nearly no symptoms at all.  Thus, it pays to be critically observant when it comes to the body changes that might show a cancer symptom.  Check on any sensation, bruises, lumps, inflammations and discharges that are seen in the body.

When primary cancer is diagnosed in a patient, it is always probable that secondary cancer treatment can become necessary.  This is especially true when the primary cancer has already advanced its stages. The cells will affect surrounding organs and many patients may ignore occurrence of secondary cancer  symptoms only to see in the end that the cancer has metastasized and it’s too late to get treatments.


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