Secondary Cancer Survival Rates

Once a patient is diagnosed with cancer, the succeeding question he or she usually asks is the survival rate.  The occurrence of the abnormal cells which causes difficulties in the body poses serious threat to a person.  Numerous lives are claimed by cancer each year and cancer is definitely not something to be dealt with lightly.

The recovery rate of a person diagnosed with cancer depends on the time it was diagnosed as well as the treatments administered.  For those who had their cancer diagnosed at an early stage, their possibility of survival is definitely higher.  This is because the cancer cells thriving in their body are still low in number or has not made too much damage yet.  Oftentimes, the cancer cells that have created a tumor are surgically removed and followed by chemotherapy to secure that no cancer cells will affect another parts of the body.

On the other hand, secondary cancer survival rates have decreased chances.  When cancer has been diagnosed at progressive stages, it just means that it has already grown in number and in likewise increased in sizes.  The chance that it has also metastasized is also high.  It only means that the surrounding organs have been affected and there are also cancer cells damaging it.  The pace of the distribution is faster especially when the cancer cells are aggressive.

Secondary cancer survival rates may be less than primary cancer.  Nonetheless, the key is still on choosing the proper combination of cancer treatments that can be administered to the patient.  The survival of the patient, whether on cancer-free years or just prolonging the life of a patient can approximately range from five years or lower.  These also differ depending on what kind of cancer or what organ of the body has been affected.


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